Serbian spruce seedlings Picea Omorika 3 years 20-40 cm. (100 pcs)

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Serbian spruce Picea Omorika it is naturally distributed in a very small area covering about 60 ha – in western Serbia and eastern Bosnia, in the valley of the Drina River. In 1875, it was discovered and described by the Serbian botanist Josif Pančić. The word “omorika” in the Serbian language means “fir tree”.

Spruce grows up to 25-35 m, although there are also 40 m high specimens. Due to its very narrow (3-4 m) columnar canopy, it is valued in the green areas of many countries. Trunk diameter – up to 1 m. One of the fastest growing species of spruce – it grows 35 cm in height and 12-15 cm in width per year. Spikes 8-18 mm long, bluish-green, shiny, soft. Pine cones are cylindrical, 4-7 cm long. The tree lives up to 300-350 years.

It is planted singly or in groups, it is suitable for growing in rows or alleys, it looks beautiful in combinations with swaying trees.

Resistant to cold. Can grow in the shade, likes moisture. Relatively resistant to smoke and gas pollution.