Mountain pine (Pinus mugo) seedlings 3 years 10-25cm (100psc)

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Mountain pine (Pinus mugo) is an evergreen shrub or tree of the pine family (Pinus) of the family Pinaceae.

It grows naturally in the mountains of Central and Eastern Europe: the Pyrenees, the Apennines, the Alps, the Red Mountains, the Tatra Mountains, and the Balkans. Grows at altitudes of 200 to 2700 m or higher, depending on geographic location. 9th century At the beginning, Pinus mugo was brought to Southwest Lithuania. Curonian spit was planted here to stabilize the sand and stop the deterioration of the dunes. Later, these pines began to be planted as decorative plants around residential areas.

Seeds – 6 mm long; triangular to oval; gray-brown color; wing 19–25 mm long.

Spikes paired, 3–7 cm long; the extensive root system helps to stabilize the mountain soil.