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Black pine (Pinus nigra) is a coniferous tree species belonging to the pine family (Pinaceae), the pine genus.

Black pine grows relatively quickly, growing about 30-70 cm per year. Grows 20-50 m tall. The trunk is straight up to 1.85 m in diameter. The bark is gray to yellowish brown. The crown of the tree is conical, spherical, and old trees take on an umbrella shape. The needles are stiff, dark green, about 80-150 mm long, in bunches of 2. Pine cones without a stalk, gray-brown, about 5-10 cm, rarely up to 11 cm long, oval or ovoid, 2-4 grow on the branches. Seeds 6–8 mm long, with yellowish wings 20–25 mm long. They are carried by the wind when the pine cones open in December-April. Trees mature between 15 and 40 years. Abundant seeding occurs every 2-5 years.

Black pine is cold-resistant (up to −30°C (Pinus nigra), polluted city air, undemanding to soil, drought-tolerant, but not resistant to prolonged waterlogging of the roots and does not tolerate drought. Under good conditions, it lives up to 800 years.

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