Abies nordmanniana seedlings, plants 4 years 15-30 cm. (100 pcs)

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Abies nordmanniana common in the mountains of the southern and eastern coasts of the Black Sea (Turkey, Georgia, Abkhazia, Russia).

Caucasian oaks are considered the tallest native trees in Europe. It is an evergreen, spiny tree, usually up to 60 m tall. Trunk diameter 1.2-1.8 m. 70-82 m tall trees of this type also occur in the Western Caucasus. Spikes 1.8-3.5 cm long, dark green. Female pine cones are cylindrical, 10-20 cm long, consisting of 150-200 fibers. Seeds 6 mm long, with a 22 mm long wing.

A powerful canopy, whose lower branches almost touch the ground, turns the free-growing trees into huge dark-green pyramids. The more compactly growing Caucasian kenya cleans itself well from dry branches, and then the forest becomes like many dark green columns. Such forests are very beautiful. This type of deer is long-lived (lives up to 600-800 years). Even in old age, the growth of the tree slows down slightly. Giant trees die not so much from the burden of years, but from damage by fungi and various pests.

It likes the shade, but it also grows well in sunny places. Sufficiently resistant to cold (up to -30°C), resistant to winds.